Concerns and Complaints Policy

If you have a concern or a complaint, there is a clear process that needs to be followed.

If your concern is to do with your child and what is happening in their classroom, your first port of call is always your child’s teacher.

Your child’s teacher knows your child, knows their needs and their foibles. Usually matters can be resolved quite quickly and easily by meeting with their teacher.

The email address of your child’s teacher can be found on our website. It is always a good idea to email them first if possible, to give some background to your concern, and to make an appointment. If you arrive unannounced at their door at 9am and want a deep and meaningful discussion then and there, it probably will not be possible.

If your concern is of a broader or more serious nature, or if you have raised your concern with their teacher and you are not satisfied with the outcome, then make an appointment to see one of our Deputy Principals (Adele, Jo-Ann or Pat), or with the Principal.

Again, an email or a phone call first gives us time to do our homework and be prepared. We understand that sometimes it is not possible to inform us ahead of time.

With a more serious concern, we like to take full notes and then have time to do further research and arrive at a plan. 

We will always get back to you with the outcome of our research, our meetings with the other involved parties, or with our plan that we implemented.

If you have been to the Principal, followed this process through, and are still not satisfied with the outcomes, then you put your concerns in writing to our Board Chairperson, Trudi Brocas, care of our Board of Trustees.

You can drop that letter off at our main office.

Our Board will acknowledge your complaint in writing, and will reply with a response to your complaint as soon as is reasonably possible.

Please note that this last step is also the one that applies if your concern or complaint relates to the principal.

If your concern or complaint is still not addressed to your satisfaction, you can write to the Ministry of Education. They will ensure due process has been followed, and the laws of natural justice have been applied.

If… well at this point it may be beyond resolving.

Final Key Points:

Parents cannot approach a child they have a complaint against, and address that complaint with the child. This is absolutely unsafe and inappropriate.

If the concern or complaint relates to something that happened at school , it should be addressed through the school - not with the parents of the child who is the subject of the complaint.

If the concern happened outside of school hours and is deemed serious, it should be taken up with the Police.


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