Addressing Bullying


Bullying is an issue that impacts students every day. Whether they are being bullied, or just witnessing it, bullying affects their physical and emotional health and impacts academic success. Learn how bullying can be prevented in your school.

  1. School Bullying Prevention
  2. Understanding Bullying
  3. Friendships and Bullying
  4. Parenting Tips
  5. Ideas for Educators
  6. Understanding the Effects

School Bullying Prevention

Bullying in school is an age-old problem. Get an inside look at school bullying and what you can do to prevent it.

Understanding Bullying

Every bullying situation is different. Some kids engage in physical bullying, while others cyberbully. Still others are relationally aggressive or engage in sexual bullying. Learning how to recognize bullying and identify risk factors can go a long way in bullying prevention.

Friendships and Bullying

Friendships play a crucial role in bullying prevention. Other times, friends, or frenemies, are the source of the bullying. Discover how to navigate the complex arena of friendships, cliques, mean girls and more in order to prevent bullying.

Parenting Tips

As a parent you play a huge role in bullying prevention. Gather useful ideas on preventing bullying in your child's life.

Ideas for Educators

Bullying affects every student in the school - the victim, the bully and the bystander. It also negatively impacts the school's learning environment and academic success. Learn how to prevent bullying at your school.

Understanding the Effects

Bullying impacts all aspects of a person's life. From physical and emotional health, to academic success, every aspect of a target's life is impacted. Discover just how significantly bullying can alter a person's life.

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