Preparing Your Child

Helping your child at home 

As children learn to read by reading material will come home most days for them to share with you. This home reading session should be short and enjoyable.

Your child will be affected by you attitude to their reading so always be positive. Value the reading that is done and praise the effort. Good feelings about reading lead to success.

Talking about the pictures is important as children at the early stages use these to discover the text. It is important to point to the words until the child is ready to do so themselves. 

It is really appreciated when books are returned each day in the reading bag and in good condition.

Other ways you can assist your child are: 
* Reading with your child at home. 
* Belonging to and using the local library 
* Ensuring that there are always suitable books around for them to read 
* Coming to school and sharing in the programmes on Open Days. 

There will be opportunities for you to come in and discuss your child's progress.

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