General Information

Bell times

Classes begin at 9:00 and finish 3.00 

Morning interval is 10.37 -11.00 

Lunchtime is 12.30 -1.30 (Lunch ordering scheme available) 

Our classrooms are open at 8.30 for children to prepare for the day. 

There is a preschool and after school care programme 7am to 8.30 and 3.00 to 5.30 in our school hall. 
Ask at the office for details. 


If your child is away from school please contact the office and leave a message. As we have to account for all absences a message or note is important for us to comply with attendance regulations. 

Phone: 8361213 Fax:8360618 email: 

If you have not contacted the school by 9.30am you may be called. 

Leaving during the school day

If you require to take your child out of school during the school day please come to our office FIRST. Our office staff will ask you to sign out your child by filling in the Sign Out Book.
 They will then give you a special Red Tag to take to the classroom. Children may only be collected if the parent or collector has a Red Tag.

Bible in Schools 

Bible in Schools is available as an Opt In programme for those children who want to participate in a Christian education programme.

The progamme runs for 30 minutes at a time each week. It is taken by experienced Bible in Schools educators. Teachers stay in the classroom when the programme is delivered.

Because it is an Opt In programme, children from several different classrooms come together in one room for the programme.

For those not opting in, our usual learning programme operates.


These may be ridden to school by year 6 children. Helmets must be worn. A bike rack is located under the school hall. Scooters and skateboards can also be ridden to the school gate. They can then be pushed or carried to the cloakrooms. 

Class trips 

Classes often have trips out of the school to support classroom studies. We inform you of these outings and the costs are keep to a minimum. To comply with safety policies we require parent help. 

Communication with Homes

A newsletter comes home every Thursday containing information about most school activities. Information sheets come home during the term from your child's teacher and or syndicate leader. If you have any issues concerning your child please do contact the teacher or a senior member of the staff. You will enjoy the children's contributions to the newsletter. Downloads of weekly newsletters are available on this site. 

Dental Clinic 

Other schools in the area share the dental nurse and you can contact her by ringing 8364787. 


We use a positive model for behaviour management at school. The children are expected to accept responsibility for their own behaviour. Parents are kept well informed.  We all abide by the Western Heights Way. 


We do not have a school uniform but do encourage sensible dress to enable children to take part in all school activities. 
Can all clothing be named clearly. Lost items can be retrieved from the class take home boxes or syndicate baskets. 
Hats must be worn over the summer to comply with our safety in the sun policy. 


We follow the standard Ministry of Education term dates so the year is made up of four terms. 


Each child has access to the school library during the week. Books are taken home in Library bags. It is important that these be returned each week. 

Medical Issues and Medication 

It is important that the school office is informed of any medical issues your child has and if it is serious you will be asked to supply a photo with information for the Recovery Room so that staff are informed of what to do in case of an emergency. 

If your child suffers from asthma can you please supply the office with an up to date asthma plan and support medication for use at school. 

If your child requires medication please provide it in a container or envelope clearly marked with dosage and child's name. 

You must fill out a medication sheet giving us permission to give it to your child. 

Where possible children who become ill at school are sent home after the parent or emergency person has been contacted. 

Messages to Children

These can be given to the office to be passed on to your child. 


Our year 4 - 6 children take part in inter-school sporting fixtures for major sports and minor games. Notices will come home to those involved. 

Our children and staff appreciate parent support at these activities. 

Each year we have school Netball teams.  Registration is in the first term.  Please contact Adele Nummy through the office for more information. 

Swimming is a compulsory subject and each class has swimming nearly every day during the summer term. (First term of the year.) 

Fitness is an important part of the schools Health and Physical Education programme and all children must take part. If your child for health reasons cannot participate on occasions please send a note to the teacher. 

Home Learning 

Home Learning 
 is a vital link between home and school and it gives parents an insight into what children are learning in class. 

Home Learning 
 helps parents to be active in helping thier children learn and should be an enjoyable experience for all the family. 

Each syndicate at Western Heights has a system for weekly homework and you are informed of the system when your child starts.

Reporting to Parents 

There are opportunities to meet with your child's teacher formally twice a year (February and July). You are however welcome to make appointments to see the teacher as needs arise.

These are student led conferences, so it is important to attend and show your support.  Keep an eye out for the dates in your school newsletter.  

You will receive two written reports per year. 

Children in their first year have a formal assessment after six weeks and again when they turn six. Parents will be contacted to discuss these. 

Traffic Wardens 

There are wardens on the Sturges Road crossing before school (8.30 to 8.50am) and after school (3.00 to 3.15pm). 

If you are driving past can you please take heed of the wardens signals. 


We cannot be responsible for valuables and money so please do discourage your child from bringing such items to school. Could any money sent to school for a specific purpose be in a named envelope. 

All policies for the school are available on our Policies website.

School phone 836 1213    -    Principal’s mobile 021 779 009    -    Absences mobile 021 040 2125