Enrolment Policy

National Administration Guidelines - 6b


That Western Heights School be recognised as a community school, taking children from the area shown on the attached maps. Western Heights community enjoys a community spirit, which is encompassed by this boundary. 

The Scheme

The boundary is:

All students who live within the home zone described below and shown on the enrolment zone map shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

Starting at the intersection of Swanson Road (excluded) and Sturges Road travel south west along Sturges Road including, on the southern side, all side roads exiting onto Sturges Road. Palomino Drive included. Border Road excluded.

Candia Road (95 - 109 odd, 168 - 180) included.

On the northern side of Sturges Road include all side roads up to the addresses designated for Lake Panorama Drive (75, 64 and below), Roy Maloney Drive (41, 40 and below) and Summerland Drive (45, 30 and below).

For Chesterton Terrace odd numbers only are included and for Chelmsley Avenue only numbers 2 - 6 are included.

All of Burgundy Park Avenue and Septimus Place are included.

All residential addresses on included sides of boundary roads and all no exit roads off included sides of boundary roads are included in the zone unless otherwise stated.

If places are available, enrolments may include:

 Individual children from out of zone, if places available through the ballot system.

Siblings of previously enrolled out of zone family members have first preference.


Each year the Board of Trustees will: 

Determine a period during which applications for enrolment will be accepted for the following year;

Develop procedures to be followed in the application process;

Specify the information which parents may be required to supply in support of an application for enrolment for the following year. 

The B.O.T. has declared that out of zone siblings, who turn 5 will be included in enrolments, while places available. 
Applications will be accepted in terms of this scheme once it has been notified in accordance with section 11G(6) of the Education Act 1989. 

Additional Guidelines

1. The Board will manage the roll in such a way that all children living in the above mentioned zone will be able to attend Western Heights School now and in the future.

2. Although, generally, applications from out of zone will not be accepted, individual children from out of zone may be enrolled from time to time under the guidelines of roll management set out in the scheme.

3. The Principal will have the discretion to enrol children who have been referred to the school by agencies such as the Family Court and Social Welfare.

4. All applications for enrolment from 1 July 1994 will be required to be accompanied by a statutory declaration with regard to the applicant's current residential address (See Appendix B)

5. Children may be enrolled before starting and may visit classrooms once a week for 2 weeks prior to enrolment.

6. Children may start on the day of their fifth birthday.

7. This policy will be reviewed annually by the Ministry.


Current growth of the school and the proposed close housing developments dictate that management of our roll growth is necessary.
 The Board of Trustees of Western Heights School maintains the right to review this enrolment policy when proposed roading patterns and planned housing developments are established.
The Ministry of Education has undertaken to provide buildings and playground facilities for our predicted roll.

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