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School Banking Opportunity

At ASB we recognise the importance of teaching financial literacy in New Zealand schools and want to create good savings behaviours at a young age. ASB's School Banking programme is available through a number of primary schools across the country and we are aiming to have a number of other schools join the ASB School Banking programme over the coming months.

How does School Banking work?

Once ASB has the support of your child’s school, ASB is then able to offer children at that school the opportunity to register for ASB’s School Banking Programme. The registration packs are made available through the participating school offices and will give you a full guide to ASB’s School Banking Programme.

Once your child is registered, they’ll receive a kid’s School Banking pack from ASB. This pack will include specially designed deposit envelopes for them to use to make their deposits through the Kashin drop box located in your child’s school administration area. And other items to encourage them into good savings behaviours.

What account is used for School Banking?

For those children that already have an ASB Headstart account open, they’re able to deposit money into this account through the School Banking Programme. For those children that don’t bank with ASB or have a different savings account through ASB, a new Headstart account will need to be opened.

Read more about the features of ASB's Headstart account.

Has my child's school agreed to join ASB's School Banking Programme?

There are a number of schools registered for ASB’s School Banking Programme and a number that ASB is working with to introduce this programme into their school.

To find out whether your school has agreed to support ASB with this initiative, please contact your local school office or contact the local ASB branch.

For more information about ASB’s School Banking Programme please contact your local ASB branch or phone 0800 803 804.

School phone 836 1213    -    Principal’s mobile 021 779 009    -    Absences mobile 021 040 2125