Shining Stars at WHS

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My name is Shaun Karena I'm in room 24. 

In the last week of July I went to Napier for a swimming competition. I won 6 gold medals, 2 silver and the overall East Coast Champion Trophy for the 9 year old boys. 

I train 4 times a week for an hour and a half, and swim for The Waterhole Swimming club. 

I have been swimming since I was little and have been competing since I was 6. 

My dream is to go to the Olympics and win gold for my country. 

The best thing about swimming is that it doesn't matter where you come as long as you beat your own time... then you're a winner. 

Getting medals is a bonus... And getting a trophy is unbelievable! 

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Georgia has been skating since she was four and began lessons when she was five and a half. She is now helping to teach the lower grades at skate school and preparing a new routine for this season. She is looking at adding a ballet class to help in her training with posture etc.

In her first season of competition, Georgia achieved the following:

1st   - Skate School competition 

1st   - Auckland Ice Figure Skating Club Autumn Champs 

1st   - Auckland Ice Figure Skating Club Champs 

1st   - Glenburn Figure Skating Club Champs 

3rd   - West Auckland Figure Skating Club Champs 

1st   - North Island Championship 

Georgia has had a clean sweep in the four competitions she has competed in this year. 


Aimee has been playing tennis since she was 5. Although she is 10, she is ranked in the top 10 players aged 12 and under in Auckland. She now trains at Regional Performance Centres in Auckland, and her interclub competitions on the weekend include playing against adult women. Over the holidays Aimee competed in tournaments around NZ including Gisborne, Wanaka, Whangarei and Auckland. Her results included 1st and 2nd places in the 14 and under age group and the 12 and under age group.…  Above: Aimee at Wanaka with her certificate and prize money after coming 2nd in a 14 and under tournament.      

Aimee continues to play other sports such as netball, and also does competitive swimming when time permits.

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On the 23rd of February Norbu went to a tournament in Melbourne for karate. This is his report:

When we arrived I was nervous. We arrived early and no one was fighting yet. We waited  2 hours and then the tournament started. I started looking around so I could build more confidence but I didn’t build as much confidence as I expected. It was my turn to fight, my hands were shaking and my legs were wobbly. I won my first fight. I won but I wasn’t fighting like normal, like when I would in training. 

At my second fight I won, but I was exhausted and tired. It was so hot wearing my body protector and face mask. 

 I won the match, this meant I advanced to the finals. It was so hot my neck was covered with sweat and my hair was soaking wet.

So I made the finals. I tried  using the ‘off the mark’ tactic (off the mark means when the judge says start you attack straight away) but I failed and he got me. He had the first point and I was angry. I then took my opponent down and scored a three point. The time left was 58 seconds. I was trying to waste time but he made a mistake so I punched him and got another point. Now the time left was 10 seconds. I pushed him and ran away and the time ran out. 

I won, I was so happy I ran and got my gold medal.

That was my journey to Melbourne. Thanks for reading.

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A report from David’s Mum:

David has been playing icehockey since year one

and this year, as a year two, he has been participating in the Hockey Club League.

Last sunday his posotion was goalie.

He saved many goals and his team won the game. 

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