End of Year Message

It’s hard to believe a whole year is now gone by. In many ways it has simply flown by. In other ways, it seems hard to believe we have achieved so very much in just one year.

Can I take this opportunity to humbly and sincerely thank you all for all your wonderful support, encouragement, input, help, kindness, and goodness. You have got in behind our new vision, new direction, new ideas and innovations 100%. I have been amazed at how open to these things you have all been.

I wish to thank our staff team - everyone in our WHS whanau - paid and volunteer - for all your efforts and contributuons this year.

I have asked a great deal of our staff this year. It has been a huge challenge for some, but they have all risen to the challenge admirably and we are all doing a better job as a result.

I want to thank our children. I have had the odd issue to deal with here and there, but almost every child has behaved in exemplary fashion all year. I love the familiness of our children, their openness, warmth and goodness. I love that they put up with my dreadful jokes, and that they have bought into our Love to Learn to Lead, Bucket-Filler, and Pay-It- Forward values with passion and enthusiasm.

This is the most magical place to work, and it is only going to get better year by year as we innovate and challenge ourselves to constantly be “Better than Before” - another of our values. Thank you to our Board of Trustees for entrusting this wonderful school into my care and for supporting all we are trying to achieve in the best interests of all our children.

I sincerely wish each and every one of you a safe, peaceful, refreshing, rewarding, and family-focused holiday season.

I look forward to the safe return of all our children next year. Bless you all.

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