Pink Shirt Day Heroes


Bucket Filling - Pay It Forward - Pink Shirt Day

A group of our senior boys - Tyler, Liam, Ashton and Kevyn - really committed to their Pink Shirt Day Stop Bullying project. They put a lot of time, thought and effort into their work. 

They were interviewed by the Western Leader for a story - as the photo shows.

In their words - "Pink Shirt Day is a day about working to prevent or stop bullying by celebrating peoples differences and promoting friendship. Pink Shirt Day encourages people to talk about bullying and take action against it...Bullying is not good."

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Our four Anti Bullying Heroes presented at Whanau Time in front of lots of parents, cameras, and 600 children. They did a great job and we were so proud of them!

"We don't think bullying is cool, we want our school to be a bully free zone, we want everyone to be nice to each and don't be afraid to tell someone if you are been bullied. 
Today we are wearing our pink shirts and it is great to see you all wearing pink shirts as well. Bullying is not cool.
We will be selling cupcakes and pink shirt bands at lunchtime outside the staff room; we have free stickers for everyone. 
The most important message is NOT TO BULLY and tell  

someone if you have been bullied.


Excerpt from Tyler, Liam, Ashton and Kevyn's assembly speech.


From a school perspective, this project ties in with all of our core philosophies of focussing on developing ‘confident, creative, caring and contributing citizens' who ‘love to learn to lead'.

'Love' encompasses showing love, care and concern for others. 

‘Learn' is all about personal growth. 

‘Lead' is being a leader in your own life, and then in the lives of others.

One of our expectations this year, and from now on, is that every class will make a citizenship contribution each year. This is part of our pay-it-forward philosophy and ties in with our bucket fillers approach to relationships at Western Heights School.

We were all filled with great pride when these boys embarked on their project, because all of these aspects were exemplified in what they did.

The boys' story has featured in the local community newspaper, The Western Leader, and their speech to the school was captured on film and will be used to make a video to promote Pink Shirt Day in 2015.

"Everyone thinks we are famous," Tyler says. 

The boys are already thinking about how they will promote the next Pink Shirt Day.

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