Alannah Lupe-Houben - Senior Team Leader -

The great and powerful Yoda said, “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.”

Each teaching day brings new challenges, learning, excitement and fun. You could say that teaching is in my blood, as I come from a line of teachers (grandmother, mother, aunty, sister).  I started as a Junior School Teacher and have taught all year levels.  

I have been in this profession for about 17 years, 5 of these were part-time after my son Austin was born.  He is now 7, in Year 3 at Western Heights and loves school.   My husband Chris and I have been together for 24 years.  I have two older sisters, one lives in Norway with my only niece and the other one works and lives locally.  

I grew up in Tokoroa, a small town in the South Waikato.  My father was Samoan (he came to NZ when he was 19) and my mother was born and raised in Dunback, Otago.  Chris also comes from Tokoroa and my parents-in-law still live there.

My idea of a great holiday ranges from lying on the beach or beside a pool reading a great book, to exploring new places.  I can shop anywhere and am fussy about what I buy, especially clothes.  I love food (chop suey, taro, palusami) especially dessert.  I will look at the dessert menu first and decide what I’m eating from there.  I’m not great at sharing my dessert either and both my husband and son know this.  I love to watch movies and wouldn’t be able to narrow down my favourite.  There are too many.  Whoever said “Laughter is the best medicine” is right.  You will probably hear me laughing before you see me and I always look for the humour in everything.  Growing up, my older sister and I were often sent to separate areas of the house during dinner because we were in hysterics (crying laughing). 

I wouldn’t be able to narrow down the curriculum areas I enjoy teaching because I enjoy teaching them all.  However I do believe that Reading, Writing and Maths are the most important areas and children need to have a strong foundation and knowledge of these before they leave Primary School.  I always refer to my class, as my kids because that’s how I feel about them.  They are an extension of my own family, and every success or failure, I take personally.  I maintain high expectations for myself as well as my class - behavior, independence, responsibility and learning.  

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