Employment Process

We are now doing things a bit differently from many schools. We introduced these changes because we know the single most important and influential factor in a child’s education is the relationship between the child and their teacher.

Therefore, employing the right teacher is one of the most important jobs we do and one of the most important decisions we make.

Our New Process:

We write a very targeted job advertisement so that we are attracting the type of teacher that is passionate and committed to their children and their profession.

We have a comprehensive web site so applicants can get a good feel for our school and what we are about and decide if they are likely to be a good fit for our school.

We read all CVs carefully and assess them according to specific criteria. We agree on a short-list of candidates and then speak to their referees at length, making sure we ask searching questions that allow us to gain a good understanding of the whole person. 

We then ask our short-listed candidates to take a demonstration lesson with our children. We want to see them in action, we want to see how quickly and effectively they can establish relationships, how perceptive they are about children’s strengths and needs and how they are able to inspire children and engage them in meaningful learning experiences.

At the end of that lesson the candidate leaves and we ask the children to reflect on the lesson and the learning experience, and give their feedback and opinions. I am constantly surprised at how mature and insightful our children can be. 

Their information will not make our decision but it will add to the picture we are building of each candidate. 

Interviews follow and then we sit and write our immediate impressions before any discussion takes place. The panel then shares those impressions, we refer back to our criteria, and make our decision.

What surprises me is that so few schools employ this approach. CVs can be doctored, referees could even be keen to “unload” someone, but when you see someone teach then you are seeing if what is in the CVs and the referees’ reports is able to be backed up.

By being thorough we will be able to employ the best people, and I don’t believe we should ever settle for anything less than the best when it is our children’s future at stake.

Permanent  Positions - year 5/6, year 3/ 4 - 2017

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