WHS Jump Jam Crew - New Zealand Champions AGAIN

Our Jump Jam team are Champions in the  Advanced Open Division, AND the first ever team to gain Distinction in Presentation. 

In total our girls gained three Distinctions - for Costuming, Creativity and Presentation. Also an Excellence in Technical Execution.

Congratulations to: Kaitlyn MacPherson, Ria Singh, Nadija Turk, Zahra Ramadan, Samantha Hepi, Sariah Leato, Tatiana Katoa-Hansen, Kalani Matthes, Emma Jensen.

HUGE thanks to Jenna Aalbers for her amazing work coaching this team. Jenna set exceptionally high expectations and standards for this team and THEY STEPPED UP.

This was achieved through hard work, dedication, GRIT in the Pit, and self-belief.

I cannot express how proud I am of these amazing, wonderful, awesome girls, their coach, and their support crew. WOW - just wow.

Huge thanks to teacher aide Sandy for her hard work adjusting the costumes and making the wings - she is also awesome.

Sandy readily acknowledges it was only possible this year to get all the costumes completed thanks to the sterling work of Justine Hepi and Kerry MacPherson. Thank you to both! Also a huge thanks to Melinda Laus for all her support. 

Thanks to all the many Western Heights staff and parents who went down to Tauranga to support our team - your support was much appreciated too.

The judges said, after watching the performances of 80 teams, our performance was one of the most memorable of all time. Team score shown below.

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