ICT Agreement - Juniors

 WHS Digital Respect and Protect Expectations 

1.   I will  Respect Myself. 

I will not write rude, mean or silly things on iPads or computers.

2.  I will Protect Myself. 

If something nasty comes up on screen  I will close the iPad or turn it off at once, and then I will tell a teacher or responsible adult.

3.  I will Respect Others. 

I will say and write kind and thoughtful things about others on iPads or computers.                                                                                          I will not delete things that are not mine to delete.

4.  I will Protect Others. 

I will look after others by telling the teacher if I see or hear any nasty messages, pictures or words on the iPads or computers.

5.  I will Respect Others’ Work.

I will not copy other people’s work.                                                                                                                          

If I want to use a person’s idea I will ask them first.      


6.  I will Protect Others’ Work.

I will not download any (free or paid) apps onto a school iPad or computer.

I will look after the iPads, iPods, computers, phones and cameras at our school.

I understand the things I have to respect and protect at Western Heights School. 

I, ________________________ agree to respect and protect myself, others and their work when I use ICT tools, iPads and computers at WHS. 

If I do something I shouldn’t, I understand I have to make it right.

Signed Child:                                                            Child Name:                                                   

Signed Parent:                                                          Parent Name:                                             

Room:           _______________                               Date:                ________

School phone 836 1213    -    Principal’s mobile 021 779 009    -    Absences mobile 021 040 2125