Ash’s 13 (for now) Go-To Apps

Weather Apps:

I highly recommend Accuweather. It is by far my favourite weather app - it offers amazingly specific, detailed and varied information, including minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours hyper-localized to your exact street address or GPS location. Includes precipitation type and intensity, and start and end times for precipitation.


I love Numerical as a calculator - my go to app for that purpose. The key feature of Numerical is its omission of the ‘equals’ key. Instead, as you tap in your sum, it calculates in real time and shows the answer automatically. The sum, in full, is written beneath the main numerical display so you can check it and amend it. Even better, each of your sums (or questions, as the app  calls them) are stored so you can look back over them for reference.

It is easy to undo and redo any errors or mistaken deletions by simply swiping at the main display and you can also use scientific notations for more demanding calculations. You can also cut and paste equations and have Numerical strip away any non-math elements.

Get Things Done:

I use Things on my phone, iPad and Mac to get things done. I've tried a lot, and this one works well for me. Things isn't just a simple to-do list, it's a serious "get things done" (GTD) tool that allows you to create projects, each with their own set of tasks, assign tags and specific areas, and much, much more. With versions for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and a sophisticated syncing service called Things Cloud, you can keep and update all your projects and tasks wherever you go. One of the great features of Things is that the interface is very consistent across all devices. Jumping from your Mac, to your iPhone, to your iPad is completely seamless and natural.

Every day, Things will present you with a list of items that it believes you need to get done so that you can confirm that they should be on your "Today" list. If you want to push the due date back on an item, simply choose to start later.


I use Fantastical is an app for quickly viewing your current and upcoming events and tasks, and for making it as easy as possible to create and edit those items. It has intuitive interface and outstanding natural-language event-creation capabilities, it also understands complex date descriptions such as “last Monday of every month” and “first weekend of the month.”

You can start your description with “reminder,” “task,” “todo,” or “remind me to” and Fantastical interprets the text as a reminder instead of a calendar event. 

It syncs across all devices so well. 

Password Keeper:

This is perhaps my most useful app. 1Password  is the last word in password and personal information storage and security. It has extensions for all my web browsers and is brilliantly useful.

- Easy to save login information as you’re browsing the web

- Easy to search for and deploy login information on the web

- Stores other kinds of information, such as credit cards, personal info, secure notes, receipts, and more

- Provides rich tools for sorting and organizing this information

- Offers secure ways of sharing this information with others

- Is beautifully designed with an easy to understand interface

- Is available across desktop and mobile platforms

- Helps you keep up-to-date on your security, allowing you to quickly assess the strength of your passwords, generate stronger ones, and change them on a regular basis

- Uses state-of-the art encryption standards, so in case someone gets ahold of your computer, all that sensitive information stored in your password manager is safe and secure

Web Clipper - Note Archiver:

Evernote is the last word in this field. I have an Evernote web clipper extension for all three browsers that I use, an app on my Mac, iPad and iPhone - and everything syncs between all three.

When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done, Evernote (from free to $45 per year for Premium) is an indispensable tool. Its magic lies in its flexibility. You use Evernote for practically anything, from recording meetings to marking up PDFs, to keeping a daily diary. Evernote has reliable and frequently updated apps for practically every platform, including a Web app. Evernote's Web app keeps you connected to your Evernote account when you don't have a dedicated device of your own on hand. A new Work Chat feature adds instant messaging capabilities to the platform, making it more powerful for collaboration. 


I use SwiftType Note on my phone. It has proved to be the easiest and most effective for me on that device.

Note on its own functions as a note-taking app, allowing you to jot down single notes, sort them into notebooks, and add tags.

If you misspell a word, SwiftKey can fix that too. It gives you three correctly spelled suggestions, and you just tap on the word you meant. When you spell a new word that SwiftKey doesn't know, you'll see that in your bank as well—tap it to add it to your dictionary. To make text bold or italicized, swipe to the left across your word bank to see your options.

At any time, you can add a particular note to an existing notebook, or create a new one. If you’re linked with Evernote, new notes will automatically sync to your Evernote account across all devices.

SwiftKey’s prediction feature is smooth and smart. It uses a swipe keyboard called Flow that lets you slide your finger from letter to letter across the keyboard instead of typing.

Swipe Keyboard

I use GBoard by google. It is fast, accurate, intuitive, learns from your useage patterns and has lots of clever time-saving and convenience features.

Text to Groups

I use My Groups - allows you to send a text message to multiple recipients without typing all their names in. allows you to send to multiple devices/contact numbers per recipient also.

Scan Business Cards

I use CamCard. It automatically takes a photo of a business card as soon as it is framed and in focus. It then automatically performs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on the information, making it editable and ready to auto save to your address book/contacts list.

Simple, fast, effective, efficient.

Auto Cue/Speech Cards

I use Prompster. It has lots of features and is easy to use. When I have to deliver a speech, it is my go-to tool to make sure I don’t forget bits.


WordBook is the one. It has Dictionary, Thesaurus and lots of useful features. One of the best is you can play the word to hear it said. This way you can be sure you have actually found the word you were trying to spell.


Prizmo. With this tool you can scan a page, OCR it (see CamCard above), and then have the text read back to you. Brilliant.

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