21st Century Learning

Here are some snippets from the latest New Zealand Ministerial Review into 21st Century Learning Environments, the Future of Teaching and Learning and Technology in the Classroom…

The education and science select committee's "Inquiry into 21st century learning environments and digital literacy" focuses on redesigning education and creating modern schools.

The committee has set out 48 recommendations from 90 submissions and if adopted in full, every student will learn from their own device, possibly in their own time and potentially in a different location to their digital teacher.

Associate Education Minister and committee chairwoman Nikki Kaye called for the inquiry in 2012 after finding digital literacy varied across communities, and no other governments had acted on the issue.

“We believe that the future of learning will be blended; students will combine learning from online and video technology with group work and individual study. The skills of a teacher will need to reflect this new blended learning environment," Kaye said.

"We already have a pretty amazing education system, but we know we need to do better for some of our most disadvantaged students and I can see if we get both the technology and professional development policies right, and we get the sector on board, then we can provide not only opportunities for disadvantaged students but we can also raise achievement for all students."

“Students of the future could be learning from a digital device outside normal school hours.

There are parents that have been thinking about this, they can naturally see what their children are doing in terms of learning at home because they can download an app and see new learning programmes."

“There are some New Zealand teachers and principals that are leading the way and I think the opportunity in the future is to better identify those schools and teachers and principals that are showing leadership in the area and partner them with other professionals around the country to ensure we have more of that innovation happening," she said.

"There are recommendations around device policy, there are recommendations around every student having access.”

"But again I would emphasise that it's not about the technology itself, it's about what that technology can do to provide opportunities,” Kaye concluded.

Digital Technology is now set to become a separate and independent Curriculum Area in its own right, further emphasising the importance of this as a 21st Centruy skill set.

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