Seesaw - Digital Portfolio

Over the past few months we have been researching ways to improve the way we report student’s learning and progress to parents and caregivers. Currently you receive mid year and end of year reports. However, we feel that many of the goals set by the children are well out of date by the time reporting comes around. We looked for a more efficient and timely way of sharing your child’s learning on a regular basis.

The system we are introducing is called Seesaw. Seesaw is a new app which enables students to share what they are learning at school through a learning journal. Seesaw is learner driven more than teacher driven and also allows for parent feedback. This system ensures goals are current and relevant and the learning shared is up to date and therefore gives you an accurate picture of what they are achieving and where they need to go next. Seesaw is user-friendly, and is easy for both students and teachers to implement. Seesaw empowers students as young as 5 to independently create and organise their work in a digital journal, develop their academic voice, and collaborate with classmates. Only you can access your child’s learning journal.

Seesaw consists of two different applications.  The Learning Journal for teachers and students

and Parent Access for parents. Seesaw facilitates parent communication with real-time notifications, giving you a glimpse of your child’s day and an opportunity to support learning at home.

Student’s work will be posted in two stages. The first stage is the PROCESS stage where the learning process showing their workings and corrections or the need for them will be evident. This stage focuses on the area the child is developing and working on. 

The second stage is the PRODUCT stage where the child will post work that is completed and successfully achieved. In the left hand corner of each post will be a tag identifying whether the work is at the PROCESS or PRODUCT stage. Students will regularly add items to their learning journal such as photos, videos, writing or drawings. 

Students work will be posted on Seesaw during these times: 7 to 8.30am and 3.30 to 8.30pm.

Sign Up Instructions  iOS, Android and Computers with Chrome or Firefox

1. Download “Seesaw Parent Access”in the Apple App Store or GooglePlay Store - OR - go to     using Firefox or Chrome and choose      "I'm aParent”.

2. Choose "Create Parent Account"and scan this QR Code.

3. Finish creating your account to view your child's journal

Other Smartphones and Computers

1. Go to     in any web browser.

2. Choose your child from the class list and create an account.

3. After you’ve been approved by your child’s teacher, you’ll get access to their journal.

**If you have more than one child using Seesaw, you can subscribe to both journals using the same account. 

Follow the sign up instructions again, but choose "Sign in" instead of "Create account”. 

School phone 836 1213    -    Principal’s mobile 021 779 009    -    Absences mobile 021 040 2125