Our National Standards Data

The Ministry's Education Counts web site has all the information, statistics, and data that you could ever possibly want to know about schools - ours included of course.

You can find our school at   http://goo.gl/268U9E

While there is almost no gap in achievement between all students as a whole, compared with Maori and Pacifica as separate groups, we still do have some children in the Well Below and Below sectors of National Standards achievement. 

All students at WHS in the Well Below category have special interventions, support programmes and resourcing to help them lift their achievement so as to hopefully eventually meet the standard.

We are constantly focusing on lifting student achievement - particularly for children not achieving as expected (meeting the National Standard), or at risk of not achieving as expected.

Here I need to acknowledge the work done by Pat Hutton, Jo-Ann Yukich, and Adele Nummy, to ensure those children receive the most targeted, timely, consistent and effective support possible.

Suffice it to say we are absolutely passionate (driven), and fully committed, to achieving the best for every one of our children. We are focused on diffferentiated instruction in the classroom (one of our Charter goals this year), to ensure children are working at a level they understand, and can manage, while still being challenged and extended.

Link to Data for 2016 - is submission format, not yet processed by Ministry

Link to Data Summary for 2015

Western Heights School Analysis Reports on - Maths

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