National Standards

Before you read our results or those of any other school, it is worth putting this data into context.

Here is what Fairfax had to say in the Press about the unreliability of the data and the folly of judging or comparing schools with this data… 

“Anyone who reads the National Standards results as a proxy for quality would be quite foolish. We wouldn't do that and we don't suggest you do, either. For starters, they are not moderated, so one school's "well below" may be another's "at" or "above". There is just no way of knowing - yet - exactly how the standards have been applied across schools.

But even if they were moderated, the standards alone could not tell you everything about how a school is doing by its pupils. All of the experts we canvassed for this project have noted, quality is most evident in what a school does to push its pupils up, not in how well they do at attracting the brainiest, most-privileged kids in the first place.”      


We have been working with Ministry Numeracy Advisors this year in order to help us raise our Numeracy standards. They have looked at our National Standards results and believe that we have been too tough in our OTJ - Overall Teacher Judgement - assessments. 

By the same token, other schools could just as easily be too generous in their OTJs. If they were too generous and we were too harsh then we could easily have pretty much equal results. And yet - on the face of it, they would appear to be doing much better for their children. This is our frustration with National Standards. 

We have worked hard on our Numeracy development this year and will provide better teaching and more accurate data next year. At least our ‘harshness’ of marking shows our integrity.

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