Big Picture

Everything we do is done with one goal in mind - the help every one of our learners to be the very best they can be.

That very best is “whole person” best.

This means we are seeking to grow learners who are independent, confident, resilient, determined, passionate, creative, thoughtful, diligent, nurturing, empathetic, resourceful, mindful, responsible, reliable, excited, energetic, self motivated, reflective, caring, kind, communicative.

Our New Zealand Curriculum Document is recognised internationally as a leading document in the field of education. 

We focus on the Five Key Competencies - and we have simplified them for children as our TRUMPS.

T - Thinking

R - Relationships

U - Understanding

M - Managing myself

P - Participating

The diagram below shows the progression of the Five Key Competencies through Early Childrhood, Primary/Secondary and Tertiary sectors.


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